Learn what the Flux Tribe has to say:

Meghan, Owner of Stroller Strong Moms Leavenworth and Mom to three boys

I am the owner of Stroller Strong Moms Leavenworth, a fitness community for Moms with stroller aged children and beyond.  We focus on moms in all stages making exercising, health and wellness, and community a priority.  Megyn and I met early in the start-up phase of my business and I credit much of our success to her help. We both have a passion for health, fitness and wellness so it made sense for us to join forces to change lives.  Together, Flux Nourishment and Stroller Strong Moms Leavenworth created a strong community of moms focused on health, wellness, fitness and community. Megyn’s passion for helping others to succeed is incredible. Building our businesses side by side was so beneficial and life changing for so many.  


Flux Nourishment and Stroller Strong Moms Leavenworth partnered together for a “Get Fit” challenge offering a fitness and nutrition program for our members.  Megyn created a comprehensive “e-book” full of healthy delicious recipes, nutrition ideas, kitchen hacks and helpful tips. She also led an inspiring and informative weekly group consultation. Participants were able to ask questions, chat about ideas, and support one another in their quest for optimum health.  These consultations focused on health and not a quick fix type of diet. Our 12 week program was a huge success with Megyn as our motivator, and coach.  In this program many pounds were lost, knowledge of nutrition increased, new recipes were mastered, and confidence in our ability to stay healthy was gained. This program was life altering for so many of our moms that now have a better understanding of nutrition and wellness.


Working with Megyn was a wonderful experience. We shared the same goal of seeing these moms succeed beyond what they even knew was possible. Megyn is very professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with, and passionate about her work and clients.  I have participated in programs similar to the one Megyn created before and I have never seen such professional and thoughtful work. She pours herself into her clients ensuring they have all the tools, knowledge and motivation to be the best that they can be.  When partnering our businesses, she put the same amount of care into our working relationship to make sure that we were accomplishing our goals together in the most professional way.


I have seen Megyn change so many lives, including my own.  I learned so much about my own nutrition and was personally impacted by her program. Our family has never been healthier.  We thought we were “healthy enough” before starting this program but after working with Megyn we now see things in a new light and continue to improve our own nutrition and lifestyle.  We have never felt better, healthier and more in control of our wellness.  Being able to watch our children continue to have a better grasp of nutrition and eat healthy foods is a gift that we will always cherish. Working with Megyn has left a strong mark on our family and will continue to allow us to follow a healthy lifestyle.


I highly recommend working with Megyn as a business relationship and on a personal one. The success of my business and our “Get Fit” program was largely in response to her influence, knowledge and passion. It was such a pleasure to work with her and I look forward to continuing our working relationship in the future.  If you are questioning if Flux Nourishment is right for you, your business or your family, the answer is “yes!”.  You will be amazed by the way your health and life will be enriched.  

Jen, Veteran, Army Spouse and Mom of Three, ages 12, 9 and 2

“If you are at all considering changing your lifestyle to a healthier way of eating for the good of yourself and your family, I CANNOT say enough, the person you need to lead that journey is Megyn @ Flux Nourishment.


I sought Megyn out when I heard about her business and have been happily overwhelmed with the abundance of information, skills, tips and tricks I’ve learned in the short time we’ve been working together. She’s so much more than a “nutritionist” it so much more than any diet you’ve tried or read about.


Her program isn’t a promise that you’ll lose 15lbs and win your next marathon. She doesn’t give you list of rules and demand that you abide by EVERYTHING she does. It’s never been about weight or body shape.


Megyn has such a refreshing approach to adding nutrition to your already busy life. The name of her business says it all, Flux as in she is willing to meet your family’s needs. She understands nutrition is a journey and we all start somewhere different. She takes the time to see where you are and from there her program is individualized for your needs and the needs of your family and your lifestyle.


Her holistic approach to nutrition has really made her double as my life coach. She understands changing your habits and making healthier choices in life not just in what you put into your body but what you do with your body affects your emotions and your motivation. One of the best things Megyn has done for me has helped me to realize my goals, and she has instilled the confidence to start taking steps towards making those goals a reality. Our biweekly consultations have held me accountable to making small changes, and has given us the opportunity to tackle roadblocks and mind blocks throughout this process.


This review hasn’t even touched on her expertise in the world of nutrition, the genius of her meal plans and recipes. She has made me step outside of comfort zone and try new things and I can’t thank her enough for that. I’m the person that needs that push and she knows that so her coaching of me has been exactly what I’ve needed. I’ve cooked meals that to begin with I had to ask “what is that ingredient” my world of spaghetti and tacos has expanded exponentially to include tofu, curry, brussels sprouts, cashew parmesan, and on and on! Each week of the meal plans I’ve been challenged to try something new, a new ingredient, a new kitchen tool, a new way of cooking something I’ve made before but in a much healthier way. Even with the recipes and nutrition plans Megyn has never discouraged me from adding in things my family needs. Above all as a coach, her understanding of our individual needs and her encouragement to try new things, but take what I’m giving you and make it work for you and your family is what has worked for me the most in this program. There were no containers, no strict rules, no forbidden foods just an abundance of knowledge and recipes that were plant based and full of nutrition and energy.


Thank you, Flux Nourishment for letting me do this nutrition journey with you!!!”

Lindsey, Army spouse and mother of 2 toddlers

“As a frustrated mother of a food allergy ridden son, I decided to finally ask for help. I’ve been witness to Megyn’s evolvement of, and passion for health and wellness. I wanted the secret to her energy and balance. I have followed her inspirational posts on social media for years now, and I knew I could trust her with my family. She doesn’t subscribe to any one methodology and will work for you. We’ve consulted with physicians, allergists, and other nutritionists, but I knew she’d work harder for us than anyone else has been willing to. Flux Nutrition has simplified things for me. Megyn has taught me how to cook nutritiously for my son, while maintaining a healthy diet for our entire family. My son’s food allergies were an awakening for me. It was a blessing in disguise to be forced to question everything about our food. It’s time to stop believing the lie that those mystery ingredients aren’t harming our bodies, and start simplifying our diet by going back to the basics. Her recipes are diverse, taste delicious and they provide one of the most valuable things as a mother — peace of mind. She’s organized and ambitious about this, so you don’t have to be! The change could be wonderfully easy for you and your family. Lastly, but importantly, an argument I hear often is the cost of healthy food. With her meal plans we have a purpose for each item, waste less and reuse more. We’ve cut our grocery bill significantly. For the sake of your health and your children’s, it’s time to stop making the picky eater excuse — trust me I have two of them! Take advantage of her wealth of knowledge and simplify your life!”

Sarah, Army spouse and mother to Sammy, 1

About 5 months ago I had my first baby. I had this gorgeous baby boy who I loved dearly but I also had a post pregnancy body that I did not love so much. I have always been fit so it was really hard to come to terms with a less then fit body. Before Megyn, I thought I was eating healthy. My diet included fruits and veggies but it also included a lot of diet foods, Diet Coke, processed food and a lot of treats. I thought all these so called “low fat” and “low calorie” foods were good for you. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I never paid attention to all the chemicals in them and added sugars. I started the plant based diet with some hesitation still craving treats and processed foods. But then I realized that Flux Nourishment is the real deal! On top of being a huge junk food eater, I am not much of a cook unless it includes using the microwave. With the help of Megyn amazing and easy meal plans and meal prep lists, I began to change my diet and to actually cook. I cut out the chemicals and cut down on the sugar. As soon as I did this my body just started to feel so much better and started to change. Megyn is incredibly knowledgeable in all things plant based. She is also incredibly helpful in making meal plans that are tailored specifically to your needs and wants. Her weekly live chats are very inspirational and really help on those days when you want to throw in the towel and just have a Snickers bar. Not only have I lost 10lbs in the 10 weeks I have worked with Megyn but, I just feel so much better. I’m am so grateful for having the opportunity to work with Megyn and I highly highly recommend Flux Nourishment!