Our mission is very simple. We believe that every person should have the right to choose a nourishing lifestyle; but along with many other experts, we recognize that this right is not a reality for a large sect of Americans. The most disadvantaged populations are consistently shown to be more susceptible to health risks associated with obesity. Multiple factors contribute to these findings, and as an organization we desire to address causal factors primarily in the nutritional realm. Disadvantaged families tend to make the following food choices:


  • High-fat foods dense with energy such as foods with high sugar content and processed meat products. These foods are more affordable and last longer than fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Fast food and convenience store foods instead of shopping in large supermarkets because of accessibility, lack of transportation, and cost.
  • Economic insecurity leads to stress, and our innate physiological response to cope is by eating high-fat, sugary foods.


Flux Nourishment Inc. Community believes we can begin to alleviate these obstacles prevalent in vulnerable populations within Savannah through the following avenues:


  • Wellness coaching to all populations
  • Engagement in educational events: cooking demonstrations, nutrition expert speaking events, sponsoring, hosting and/or participating in events and activities that promote nourishing lifestyle choices.
  • Partnering with and linking existing non-profit organizations


All of this will be made possible through amazing partnerships in the community; which we have established so many beautiful ones so far, but also through small and large financial donations from those that believe in the Flux Nourishment Community Inc. mission! Our efforts this fall and winter will be geared primarily in the following two projects:


  •  Quarterly classes at the Edel Caregiver Institute that will equip caregivers to prepare meals using fresh foods rather than being solely dependent on nutritionally inadequate processed foods. The first class will provide attendees with “healthy swaps” they can easily make on both a tight budget and time constraints. Financial donations will go towards the food used to teach and sample, marketing materials needed to promote the class, and teaching materials for attendees to take home. This is going to be an ongoing and developing partnership as we believe Edel and Flux Nourishment Community Inc. align perfectly.
  • We recently were matched with a thriving organization in town, Park Place Outreach , and we are excited to see how this relationship will evolve. We know that we want to teach a class to the house parents who are responsible for preparing meals for the residents, as this was an expressed need by the director. I would also love for Flux Nourishment Community Inc. to sponsor a Local Farmbag once a month. Ideally, I see us also providing a Thrive Market box each month with nutritious prepackaged products that are more nutritious than what is currently available to them.


There are many other exciting partnerships and projects that are evolving and changing daily it seems! If what we are currently doing piques your interest, please consider supporting us financially. Our excitement for the potential change to come in our own community is contagious and we want you on board with us! Tax deductable donations can be made by clicking the button below. Upon donation you will immediately receive a letter confirming your tax deductible donation. We appreciate your partnerships and support far more than we can express through written word!