What is Flux Nourishment Meals to Go?  Our company aims to change the trajectory of health for everyone by empowering through food. We cook towards a plant slant. We work hard to add ‘yummy’ thought to our food for kids. AND we consider those who cannot afford this meal delivery at our non-profit; click here if you are someone who cannot afford this or wish to donate at fluxnourishmentcommunity.org.


We are different from other plant based companies because we encourage a plant slant. Though we cook (1) Only plant based (2) gluten free (3) peanut free (4) free of processed sugar-in our meals, we define our company with 4 important differences:

  1. An understanding of the individual’s’ needs, the flux-uation of taste and health, and collaboration with other value based food companies. This all allows for additions to your meals that kids will go for, including sides you can pair with your favorite fish or meat.
  2. ALL LOCAL. Your body and our farmers will thank you for eating locally. Your body understands and adapts to the environment you live in.
  3. We cook seasonally. We try our best to stick to organic, seasonal food choices. Again, research has shown the gut appreciates and responds better when you eat what is growing, while it is harvested.
  4. Our meals are READY TO EAT; no prep. Pop our sustainable, oven and microwave friendly container in, and heat. No pans, no mess, [no plates, if you choose]. Freezable as well, if the restaurant is calling you that night!

How does it work? No commitment!

VERY Simply: you sign up your name, email, address, pick up location and meal choice and we deliver to your neighborhood or door: 2-3 meals with 4-6 servings, or a host of sides for you to use every week. The food comes fully prepared in a sustainable cooler which you can bring inside when you get home from work.


What kinds of meals?

Check out our published cookbook , for a list of the many variations we choose from every week. We are working on ingredients list as we go along please be patient as we add exact ingredients to what we make. Provide all allergy information so we keep you safe! We change meals regularly so neither you nor your family get bored with food! Also, you can purchase our cookbook to benefit our non-profit. This will help others in need of good food and help encourage you to cook with a plantiful life.


Can I just TRY it? And if I subscribe, can I skip week?

OF COURSE! THERE IS NO COMMITMENT AND YOU CAN TRY AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE. Choose trial week on the CHECKOUT, BUT you will have to go back on and register if you want to become a regular customer. If you have a subscription, you can manage your account and cancel (or hold) until you are ready for a next order


How do I find out the cost?

You will find costs on the information below. We want you to know that we have worked diligently doing our own pilot and focus groups on what healthy, prepared meal- to-go- cost, what people are spending on shopping and take-out combined, and what we can do to make this affordable. Our general research showed that individuals and families are spending between 150-600 dollars a week on groceries because they cook part of the time, but then have to eat out- AND IT ADDS UP. We strongly recommend you do your own cost analysis by adding 2 weeks of your general dinner spending, so you can verify, FLUX is a savings and a luxury.

What do you mean, COOLER?

The cooler contains all your meals, and YOU will place it back outside once per week on your delivery day to be swapped for more food?


Please keep the ice packs in the cooler so they do not bleed, run or sweat on your personal belongings. These are FLUX owned products. You will be responsible to drop off, or keep to swap the cooler and ice packs for another cooler.


If you plan to receive another delivery in the next three weeks, please keep your ice packs in your cooler and swap the empty cooler with ice packs at your drop site or place on your front porch the day before the next expected delivery. If you will not receive a delivery in the next two weeks, please kindly drop the cooler with ice packs at any of the listed drop spots. If you do not return or swap the cooler, you will be charged a $10.00 fee for the items.


Refer to our calendar to see when your order will begin. Please remember we require orders to our farmers 6 days in advance, so if you catch us after Wednesday morning, you have to skip the next week to wait your delivery. We want it fresh!


You must store meals in your fridge. They keep up to five days. The expiration date is written on the container.  


Since FLUX products are preservative free, they can be kept only five days in the fridge, or may be frozen no more than two weeks. Please defrost through before heating.

How do I get my Flux meals?

You can receive your Flux meals by either picking up from one of our weekly pickup locations, or by delivery on your delivery day. Flux offers it’s own Flux deliveries (if within delivery zones), or can be delivered by Local Farmbag or Sage if you already an existing customer.


What do you mean MY delivery day?

You are assigned a delivery day based on where you live. Most of our deliveries to homes and drop sites occur Mondays and Tuesdays, but if you are a Local Farmbag or SAGE customer, you can choose to have your Flux Meals delivered with your usual weekly order. Farmbag and SAGE customers save 30% on their delivery fees, be sure to specify at checkout which delivery service you would like.


What do I Get?

You have some choices:

2 entres a week which equal 4 total meals for 63.00 and taxes/fees

3 entres a week which equal 6 total meals for 89.00 and taxes/fees

1 BIG entre which equal 5 total meals or sides for the week for 49.00 and taxes/fees


Is this a commitment for longer than one meal?

Even if you register, you can opt out of the next planned serving week at ANY time.