Chase the Sun Relay and How I Fueled

Chase the Sun Relay and How I Fueled

I have debated over the last year about how much to share about my running to the Flux Nourishment community. As a health coach I strive to help people find their own form of physical activity that resonates with their bodies. I believe in natural movement and the flexibility to change preferred activities if one form ceases to be enjoyable. With all of that said, I’ve been a runner for over two decades now! What the what??!! I can’t even believe that when I type it! I started running when I was in middle school and didn’t stop! I’ve had my share of mediocre success, but never had the desire (or talent) to be “professional” or “elite”. I literally run for fun! If it stops being fun, I suppose I’ll have to find a new outlet. However, to my knowledge, the end is not in sight! 

This summer a running acquaintance asked me to join his relay team for the Chase the Sun Ultra Relay to support Liam’s Land. The mission of Liam’s Land is to advance the research and identify possible causes of lymphatic malformations by supporting a patient registry and funding further genetic testing and clinical trials. A cool guy and a great cause, sign me up! Initially I was going to use the race as a tune up for the Marine Corps Marathon I was registered for in October, but then I lost my childcare option and had to defer my registration for the MCM to next year. 

I didn’t really know what to expect for the relay, but this summer I didn’t shy away from the hot days and I made sure to get at least two, 2x a day runs a week. Then on the weekends I started buttressing long tempos and long runs together, so I would be prepared for running on fatigued legs both during the relay and hopeful marathon. All in all, I don’t think I would have prepared any differently! I consistently ran at my goal marathon pace (between 7:30-7:45) with the last 5-6 miles being at 7:10-7:15 pace. I actually started feeling stronger towards the end, which I think was attributed to the sun starting to give us an evening break. 

My fueling was far less complicated than I imagined it to be! I envisioned it being tricky to get the calories in with all the running and breaks between. However, I used Tailwind Nutrition throughout the day and it was PERFECT! I also brought some rice cakes, almond butter, jelly, and pumpkin apple sauce from Whole Foods. Between those things, and lots of water, I felt awesome and light all day! 

All in all I would absolutely do this relay again! I also made some really fun new friends in the Savannah Striders that I’m excited about spending time with in the near future.